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Jemmin Cleaning Services

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House Cleaning

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We Help You Get Your House Cleaner Than Ever Before

Our exclusive 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System ensures that we clean virtually all available surfaces of your home - not only in every room but on every visit as well. Most cleaning techniques only remove a limited amount of contaminants and allergens while our stringent process takes this to a whole new level. Removing more contaminants and allergens than ever before leaving you with a healthier home. This is great for allergy and asthma sufferers who can now be assured of a cleaner, more hygienic and sanitized home after our every visit.

It does not help to just move dirt around with dust mops and dust wands as so many house cleaning services do - you need to remove it! By using specialized modern equipment that guarantees a methodical and detailed clean, you will receive an environmentally friendly cleaning service that removes the dust, dirt and grime, not just on the surface, but deep down as well! Our attention to detail is second to none and it is what you’ll come to love and appreciate about our house cleaning service.

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